How to Lose Breast Fat

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We all want a healthy body with ideal weight and shape. No wonder many of us are wondering how to lose breast fat. In order to reach an ideal body shape, women would love to know the best ways to lose some weight. Actually, losing some weight is good for our body since it has some health benefits like making our joints squeaky stay clean and warding off the inflammation.

Losing some fat will also improve our mood, make us live better, and strengthen our ticker. Fat like substance which sticks to our arteries’ inside causes the high cholesterol in our body. And it increases heart attack. By losing some fat, we’ll help protect our body from being vulnerable to deadly illness. But before knowing how to lose some breast fat, you better learn what breast fat is.

What is Breast Fat?

breast fat is

So, women’s breasts consist of several specialized tissues which are producing milk called glandular tissue and of course fatty tissue. This fatty tissue is right under women breasts’ skin. What determines the breast size is actually the fat amount. So, breast fat is the target if you want to reduce the size of your breasts, make sure you reduce its amount.

Also, it is important to know the breast fat causes. Why do some women have larger breasts than some others? Sometimes, those women are even too skinny to have large breasts. Well, their breasts carry breast fat in greater amounts than others. But what makes them get more breast fats than the other women? Oftentimes, it is just about genetics.

Those women may also want to know how to lose breast fat since their breasts carry too much fat that makes them look unideal. Actually, breast fat which is a subcutaneous fat, is healthier fat which sits under your breast skin. It is a healthier fat compared to visceral fat which is metabolically active and sits in our belly. Visceral fat is capable of promoting inflammation and also disease risk.

How to Lose Breast Fat?

lose breast fat

While some women are genetically blessed with large breasts, some other women may be burdened. For example, those women who have symptomatic macromastia. It is a clinical term which represents physical problems that happen because of the large sized breasts. Women with this condition may experience some chronic pain on shoulder, back and neck.

Some additional complications such as slouched posture, headaches, and rashes or chafing under bra straps and along the bra line may happen. The extreme version of this condition may also interfere with exercise and trigger sleep disturbance. This condition has symptoms that are like the symptoms of disk problems, sleep apnea, and arthritis.

In order to lose breast fat, there are few home remedies you can try. Below are some of those remedies.

1. Green Tea

As one of natural remedies which are promoting weight loss, green tea comes with several antioxidants. The antioxidants make the green tea capable of boosting our body metabolism that we need in burning calories and obviously, fat. Buildup breast fat that has been reduced is going to reduce the breasts size as well. Besides, consuming green tea everyday can also help increase our energy.

2. Ginger

Ginger is like green tea; it can help stimulate our body metabolism which is essential in burning the excess fat not only the one in our breast but also throughout our body. You sure can include ginger in the meals as one of the natural ingredients. But the most recommended way to use this remedy is by drinking ginger as tea. Drink it three times every day in order to speed up the body’s metabolism.

3. Flax Seed

Imbalance in the hormones is able to trigger breast fat’s growth. One excellent solution is by consuming some ingredients that contain fatty acid, especially omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids will also help lowering our blood pressure and increasing brain function. One solution of how to lose breast fat is by consuming flax seed which contains a high level of omega-3 fatty acids.

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The substance contained by flax seed is going to regulate our estrogen levels so our breast size can be decreased. Besides, flax seed can help improve digestive processes. Add this flax seed to drink or food.

Breast Fat Transfer

Breast Fat Transfer

Another solution of how to lose breast fat is breast fat transfer. Lipofilling or the fat transfer has been used as the breast implant since about one hundred years ago. This method along with the combination named liposuction which has been used in the last twenty years. Unfortunately, this technique ever been criticized because it may lead to calcification, fat drying, and also breast cysts.

For some women who want a breast lift with fat transfer are suggested to use silicone implants for their breasts though this technique also has some problems though the problems may be a bit different from the fat transfer breast with the liposuction technique. The implants may cause capsule forming and hardness around those implants.

Also, whether fat transfer to breast or fat transfer to breasts can distort some patients’ breasts in a small proportion. In patients with thin skin, implant’s edge and wrinkles may be visible in their outer shell. Those women also cannot expect the implants of autologous fat transfer to breast to behave just like the normal tissue of women’s breasts.

Before you consider losing some breast fat or even getting a bigger breast using this any of the techniques above, make sure you do a deep research about breast fat transfer before and after and definitely about the fat transfer to breast cost. Make sure any technique you pick is really worth it.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation fat transfer

Are you sure you’re ready for this breast augmentation fat transfer? Actually, this solution of how to lose breast fat is not for every woman. Fat transfer breast augmentation surgery is actually the best solution for women who desire to increase the size of their breast between two and three of their cup sizes. Fat transfer will be recommended for women who want liposuction and subtle augmentation simultaneously.

Besides, fat transfer also belongs to women who need to fix the minor leveled breast asymmetry. This technique will also help some women especially who don’t like the result of previous breast implants so they need to fine tune the previous surgery’s imperfections. However, the best candidate is young mother who doesn’t want to have kids anymore and women who have completed the cancer treatment.

If you’re one of those excellent candidates, you may really want to know how to lose breast fat through those techniques. But learn about the followings first before you choose any method.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Risks

fat transfer breast augmentation pros and cons

Though this technique works in many women, it doesn’t mean it will automatically work on you. Before taking the procedure, you must understand the fat transfer breast augmentation pros and cons clearly. What you’re about to see are the risks of breast fat transfer. Consider them seriously before making any decision.

1. Small amount transfer

The fat that can be successfully transferred to your breast using the conventional approaches is just a small amount. This is because of the lack of breast space to contain more fat. The surgeons will recommend new technique which is called pre-expansion. This technique will use Brava device. You will have to wear that device over the breast for between three and four weeks.

That Brava device will create extra space within your breast which doubles and even triples the fat cells number that can be transferred.

2. Requires skilled surgeon

Surgeon is going to inject the fat into the breast but that fat cannot have independent blood supply. the fat will rely on your blood supply which is existed in your breast. Not the entire cells of the fat can survive. That’s why you need help from skilled surgeon which is going to give you high retention rate. Skilled surgeon means you need to prepare more fat transfer breast augmentation cost.

How to lose breast fat is not the only problem you need to worry; fat transfer breast augmentation price is also a serious matter to consider since skilled surgeon won’t help you for free.

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If you believe that any surgeon is okay, you may want to see the review shared by previous patients. Check out the fat transfer breast augmentation before and after from previous patients. If there are more complaints than the satisfactions, you need to reconsider whatever you think.

Breast Fat Exercises

An excellent alternative for how to lose breast fat is doing exercises. What kind of exercises you can do at home or at the gym to reduce the breast fat and gain more ideal body shape? Below is example of simple exercises that you can do every day to get the most ideal body shape you desire and certainly the healthiest lifestyle.

1. Push Ups

exercises to lose breast fat

As the most popular workout routines, push-ups will help you get healthier and more beautiful body. Push-ups are really effective in reducing the size of your breast. This exercise will also tone your body and breast. If you do the push-ups regularly in the correct way, you will reduce the cup size of your breasts, reduce your breast fat, deepen the curves of your body, and you’ll get more attractive look.

2. Chest Press

Next exercises to lose breast fat is chest press which is effective to build the shape of your breast or reshape its size. This exercise is going to work your shoulders, arms, and chest. Chest press will absolutely help you get attractive posture on your upper body. You need a bench and a dumbbell to do this chest press. Just make sure you do this the right way and routinely to gain best result.

3. Wall Press

This exercise is also known as wall push up. Though wall press is easier than push up, it is also an extremely effective exercise. Instead o pushing the floor to lift yourself up, it is much easier to lift up and lower your body against the wall. Besides, this exercise has lower risk of falling on your floor or back pain. This technique will reduce your breast size while building the strength of your muscle.

4. Chest Fly

autologous fat transfer to breast

Another must try exercise to reduce breast size is chest fly. This will not only reduce your breast size but also tone and strengthen your chest muscles. Chest fly is going to increase your body’s metabolic rate and add the definition to your muscle. Lie down and raise dumbbells on both hands in front of your chest. Then spread your hands to both sides of your body. Repeat this 8 times for best result.

5. Upright Rows

exercise to reduce breast size

The simplest option for losing breast fat is the upright rows. Unfortunately, women with the issues of shoulder impingement should not do this. Perform this exercise by holding dumbbell or grip in front of your body then lift it up to your collarbone. Upright rows will help tone the arms while reducing breasts’ excess bloating.

6. Shoulder Shrugs

how to lose breast fat

Here is another solution for how to lose breast fat effectively. Shoulder shrugs will target the trapezius muscles of your upper body and then help you get shaped breasts. Make sure you do the shoulder shrugs correctly. You’re free to do this exercise with dumbbells or without carrying dumbbells. Doing it regularly is the key, so don’t skip the exercise.

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7. Shoulder Press

If you’re ready for the next level exercise, you’ll love this one. Shoulder press can be stressful compared to previous exercises, but this one will give you positive impacts not only on the breasts but also on your back and shoulder.

If you couldn’t do the entire exercises above, start with one or two first. Add another exercise if you’re ready and you’ll see how ideal you’ll be if only you never skip and quit.


Numerous solutions for how to lose breast fat are available. You can opt for breast fat transfer or using natural remedies or doing exercises. No matter which method you take, make sure it is safe for you and you understand the risk before you choose the method or technique.

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