How to Lose Chest Fat

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How to lose chest fat is one of many questions about losing weight asked by men and women. Before looking for the most effective ways to lose your chest fat, it is good to understand what it is and how it works. Then you’ll be ready to get the best ways that will help you lose the chest fat healthily and effectively. Let us get to know about this chest fat first.

What Is Chest Fat?

Chest fat is

Our body contains some fat in numerous areas. Our chest for example has fat which can pile up and make our body look terrible. Chest fat is the excess fat that develops in our chest. It usually piles up around the muscles of the chest. Chest fat can be annoying since it bothers the muscles of our chest that are essential in pushing, controlling arms, and lifting movements.

Some of us even have fat between armpit and chest. What’s even worse is that chest fat and the fat between chest and armpit can be found on both men and women. No wonder many of us are looking for the most effective techniques of how to lose chest fat. Fortunately, there are numerous methods that will help reduce your fat, not only from the chest but even from other parts of your body.

Another fat related to this chest fat that you won’t like is the fat between the chest and armpit. What is the fat between armpit and chest called? It is usually called underarm bulge, armpit lump, underarm fat, or armpit bulge. This fat destroys your look. In most women, this underarm bulge is caused by wearing bras that don’t properly fit on their body. Prevent this fat by wearing only bras that really fit on your body.

What Causes Chest Fat?

losing chest fat

There are many things that can cause this chest fat. The causes of chest fat are different in men and women. Understanding what causes the chest fat is really important to determine the right losing chest fat techniques. As you keep reading, you’ll figure out how unique this chest fat is since health conditions can even cause the side chest fat. Now, let us show you what triggers this chest fat.

1. Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia usually happens when people age. This is a condition where the muscle tissue loses over the time. People with sarcopenia are going to have body fat including chest fat and fat under the chest above the stomach that is a lot more than people with no sarcopenia condition.

2. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes in women can make their breasts grow. Women who notice any unusual lump or change in their breasts must immediately speak to the doctor before learning how to lose chest fat. If it is just a stubborn chest fat, there are exercises women can do. But if it is something worse like cancer cells, more serious treatments are required.

3. Drugs use

Yes, fat man chest can also grow because of some drug use. Some drugs that can cause the chest fat in men are fluoxetine, diazepam, amphetamines, methotrexate, marijuana, and anabolic steroids.

4. Health conditions

Men’s chest fat that is caused by health conditions such as liver disease, hypogonadism, kidney disease, tumors, testicular cancer or lung cancer, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disorder, and cystic fibrosis will need serious treatments.

What Is the Difference Between Gynecomastia and Chest Fat?

gynecomastia vs chest fat

Speaking about how to lose chest fat, especially for men, it is always related to gynecomastia. What is gynecomastia? What’s the difference between it and chest fat? Let us learn deeper about gynecomastia vs chest fat so that you can figure out what you should do with gynecomastia and with the excess fat on your chest. Chest fat is the fat in men’s chest that men want to reduce.

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And the gynecomastia is a condition that causes that chest fat. So, chest fat vs gyno is totally different. Gynecomastia is the thing that triggers chest fat, not the chest fat itself. Gynecomastia itself is a condition where men have testosterone in low levels. This condition causes benign swelling that happens on men’s breast tissue. Though it sounds scary, gyno or chest fat is not dangerous.

Well, men will only feel uncomfortable when the gynecomastia or chest fat appears. That’s why they want to reduce this chest fat. A study has estimated that about thirty percent from all men around the world are going to experience this gynecomastia.

Usually, boys will experience chest fat vs gynecomastia in their infancy or puberty. And men will experience gyno vs chest fat when their ages are between fifty and eighty years old.

How to Lose Chest Fat?

how to lose chest fat at home

Workouts are the key of how to lose chest fat at home. Doing workouts will also help both men and women to have healthier bodies as well. But workouts are not enough. Healthy meals and natural remedies will also help men and women to reduce their chest fat. What kind of healthy meals that’s effective in reducing chest fat? How can natural remedies help reduce chest fat?

1. Stay away from junk foods

Junk foods contain lots of calories, a lot more than the healthy whole foods. You don’t have to remove junk foods from your list, just make sure you eat less junk food and eat healthier meals more often. It is okay to have junk food once or twice a month but not every week. That would be a great start of how to reduce chest fat at home.

2. Reduce the consumptions of dangerous drinks

Yes, some beverages will trigger the excess chest fat to pile up in your body. They are soda and alcohol. Two shots of beers are enough to destroy the beauty of your chest. If you really have to drink them when you’re with your buddies, it is okay. But don’t take more for the whole month if you’re serious in learning how to reduce chest fat at home.

3. Eating healthier dishes

Add fish, chicken, meats, fruits, and of course vegetables to your diet. You can add grains too but make sure you consume grains in moderation, that is the key of how to lose chest fat in a week.

4. Healthy drinks for healthier body

First healthy drink to consume is green tea. It will eliminate the harmful toxins while improving body metabolism. A good metabolism is going to reduce your chest fat. Drink it between three and four times one day, you can even add honey and lemon to your green tea.

Another awesome drink is the dandelion tea. Dandelion will reduce your body’s estrogen level and increase body metabolism while breaking down the carbohydrates. Boil a cup of water with a tablespoon of dandelion. Leave it to steep for about ten minutes. Strain your mixture then drink the dandelion tea when it is still warm. Repeat for a month and you’ll see how it reduces your chest fat.

Chest Fat Workout

best exercise to lose chest fat

Now, for those who want to know how to lose chest fat with some effective workouts. There is some best exercise to lose chest fat everyone must try:

1. Push Ups

This one is the most recommended chest fat burning exercise without equipment. At least, men need to do ten or fifteen push up movements in order to increase your hormone growth. Do push-ups burn chest fat? Not only burning your chest fat, push-ups will also give you some benefits in core, triceps, and shoulders.

2. Bench Press

In fitness, bench press is one basic chest workout to lose chest fat. As the best exercise for chest fat, bench press will help build strength, cutting pec muscles, and burning some fat. When doing the bench press, you need to maintain your control. It is also important to use the slow and deliberate movements. It is also an excellent side chest fat exercise.

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Focus on both best exercises to lose chest fat above and repeat them every day for the best result. Though those movements seem simple, those are the most recommended and best chest fat burning exercises. If you do both exercises to reduce chest fat correctly and routinely, you will never see your chest fat anymore.

How to Lose Chest Fat Woman?

how to lose chest fat in a week for females

Many girls around the world are wondering how to lose chest fat in a week for females. Sure, there are exercises that you can do at home to reduce your annoying chest fat.

1. Burpees

One solution for how to reduce chest fat for females at home is doing burpees. Burpees require you to do the normal push ups before you jump. This is an excellent exercise. Repeat the movement sets for ten or fifteen times.

2. Running

Running is another alternative to how to reduce chest fat for females. Run for 400 meters and do it for 5 rounds so you’ll reach 2 kilometers. If you cannot run that fat, you can try the rope skipping which is also effective in reducing women’s chest fat.

How to Reduce Chest Fat for Male?

how to reduce man chest fat

And about how to lose chest fat, some following workouts can help. Add them to your workout list and do them routinely.

1. Sprints

Lifting weights are not enough to get rid of chest fat. Sprinting is the solution of how to reduce man chest fat. Sprinting will utilize your lower and upper body’s serious muscles. You can use a treadmill for a minute sprint, that’s how to reduce chest fat for male at home. Or do two hundred meters sprints outside.

2. Dumbbell pullover

Another secret of how to get rid of male chest fat is dumbbell pullover which is also a classic workout. Use a low weight dumbbell to medium for this exercise. Repeat three sets of dumbbell pullover for ten to twelve times. How to lose chest fat for teenage guys? Perform the dumbbell pullover three times every week.

Chest Fat Surgery

surgery to remove chest fat

The last solution for how to lose chest fat is taking the gynecomastia surgery or surgery to remove chest fat. But before making the decision, you need to understand the complications that may happen. Generally, this surgery is safe. Many patients of this surgery have smooth recoveries. However, some complications.

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Common complications of chest fat removal surgery include bleeding, bruising, fluid collections, nipple skin loss, contour irregularities, visible scarring, inverted nipples, nipples numbness, asymmetries chest, and breast skin that turns loose. It is crucial to find surgical technique that is meticulous. Having the preoperative, perioperative, and postoperative management are also essential.

If you have tried the entire techniques above including the entire recommended workout movements and nothing works, you may believe that surgery is the one last solution. Then you need to discuss all treatment options with the plastic surgeon that is board certified.

Chest Fat Before and After

chest fat transformation

Lots of people who wondered about how to lose chest fat finally chose the surgery. They finished the surgery and shared some reviews. Always check out the chest fat transformation shared by those people so you’ll know if the surgeon is recommended or not. Besides, you must also check out some people’s workout progress.

Those who have been successful in reducing their chest fat through exercises and healthy diets would love to share what they have been through. You can see if the progress is really effective through the experience they share and through the before-after pictures they post. Read what they say and make sure you follow every exercise carefully.


Among so many techniques about how to lose chest fat above, which one do you think is the most effective way? Don’t skip the entire details and read only about the surgery since it is the last solution you should not take unless the other ways can’t work.

The best way to lose chest fat is by following a healthy diet: by consuming healthy meals and eating less junk food. But it isn’t enough. You must also do the chest fat workouts that are proven effective in many people who have tried. As long as you do the workouts in the right way, you’ll see the result sooner or later.

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