How to Lose Face Fat

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Many of us, especially women, are wondering how our face becomes so fat and how to lose face fat. Face fat is a nightmare for all women, and even for men as well. Fortunately, there are few methods that can be taken to reduce our face fat and make our face look more proportional. However, we better know more about this face fat before learning the best methods to lose our face fat.

What Is Fat Face?

Fat Face

When doctors assess fat faces, they have a term called moon face. When this term comes out, the fat face term refers to some specific conditions. Typically, moon face is the side effect that was triggered by steroid treatment. Moon face is also a Cushing’s syndrome’s symptom, it happens when your body gets excess cortisol in a long period. Make sure your doctor doesn’t mention anything about the moon face.

Our body has fat storage in the love handles, butt, and tummy. Fat can also be found on the other areas of our body like fingers, face, and knees. Every part of our body can store fat in different proportions depending on the fat pocket size. For example, if love handles can store 100 cells of fat, the proportion of face fat is just ten cells. However, people will see the 10 cells capacity compared to the 100 cells capacity, right?

How come the face fat becomes more noticeable? Because face fat will be distributed amongst many tiny sized muscles that are located in an area that is close to your skull’s surface. If your stomach gains more fats, you can hide them with an oversized sweater. But if your face gets more fats, there is no way you can hide them. You need to know what face fat causes so you’ll know how to lose face fat.

Why My Face Is Fat?

face fat causes

Actually, when you’re gaining weight in face, you’re seeing a symptom. A symptom that you’re also gaining weight in the other parts of your body. The main cause of face fat is actually hormonal factor and genetic factor. Both factors contribute to chubby jowls and cheeks and also puffy faces. In order to make your face slimmer and lose the annoying face far, you need lifestyle adjustments.

Just like losing weight, the most effective solution for how to lose face fat is improving your exercise and diet. Chubby face happens if the deposits of excessive fat build up on your face. It makes your face look gradually puffier, fuller, and rounder. There are few things that cause the excessive fats and give your more weight, including:

  • Poor diet
  • Aging
  • Lack of workout or exercise
  • Genetic conditions

Usually, fat cheeks are more visible. But the other fats under your neck and chin, also the fat in your jowls are also noticeable. However, chubby jowls or puffy faces can also happen because of the other factors. For example, bone structure and facial muscles. someone’s face will look fuller when his masseter muscles that are located between cheeks and jaw are overdeveloped.

And about moon face which is Cushing’s syndrome’s symptom, it is usually caused by the tumor which grows on a pituitary gland. It can also happen because of the other diseases of adrenal gland which affects the production of hormones. Treatment for this condition includes medication and radiation. Sometimes, it also requires surgery.

How to Lose Face Fat?

Sure, there are many options available for how to get rid of face fat. Exercise is the key but you’ll find more details about doing exercise to lose the face fat down there. Before focusing on the right exercise for losing face fat, there are some excellent tips you can follow to lose some face fat and get a better appearance. Below are some of the tips.

1. Diet

Diet is the main secret. What kind of diet do you need to get rid of chubby cheeks? Limit the consumption of salt and sugar. It is going to help you lose weight, which means you’ll get a slimmer face as well. Also, it is crucial to reduce sodium intake since sodium will make your body holds more water which leads to fluid retention. To do it properly, cut out savory snacks and processed meats.

2. Replace alcohol with more water

Limit the consumption of alcohol but drink a lot more water. Alcohol contains low nutrients but high calories. By limiting the alcohol consumption, you will control the weight gain and alcohol bloating. And drinking more water will help you feel full which leads to weight loss. Drinking more water will also increase your metabolism.

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3. Take more veggies instead of carbs

Eat less carbs but consume more vegetables. Carbs are a good source of fat. But veggies will not give you the fat that makes you look chubby. Refined carbs such as pasta, cookies, and crackers will increase your fat storage and make you gain more weight. Replace refined carbs with whole grains to increase weight loss which also is a solution for how to lose face fat.

4. Get enough sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep every single day. You must sleep for 8 hours every day. Sleep deprivation will increase cortisol levels, the stress hormone. If your stress hormone gets high, some side effects will follow, including the weight gain. Great solution for how to lose cheek fat and other fats is by getting enough sleep.

5. Do the cardio

Another solution for how to get rid of chubby cheeks is adding aerobic exercise and cardio exercise to your workout routine. Losing weight will slim down not only your body but also your face. Add this exercise to your workout routine and get 300 minutes every week which means you need to do 40 minutes of the cardio every day to get the best result.

Face Fat Exercises

Exercise is also an effective solution for how to lose face fat. Check out these unique facial exercises and make sure you do them routinely so that you could get a slimmer face and more gorgeous appearance.

1. Lion pose

how to get rid of chubby cheeks

First exercises to lose face fat are going to tone and stimulate your facial muscles. To do this exercise you need to knee down on the floor then place both palms on the thighs. And then stick the tongue outside. Force your tongue to stretch downwards. Roar and exhale just like lions.

2. Fish face

exercises to lose face fat

Here is another facial exercise you must try. Those who always take selfies know how to do the fish face. This facial exercise is going to stretch and tone the cheek muscles. Suck the lips and cheeks inwards so that you’ll look like fishes. Hold on the position then try to make a smile. Repeat this exercise along the day in order to see the best result.

3. Locked tongue

This one will help shape the jawline and chisel the face. Sit down on the floor and then place your tongue tip against your mouth’s upper wall. Force the tongue against your mouth’s wall until you feel your neck stretch. Repeat locked tongue exercise for five times.

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4. Jaw release

To reduce double chin and get attractive cheekbones, you need to sit down then move the jaws. Do it like you’re going to eat but keep the mouth closed. And then breathe from the nose. This is definitely an effective solution for how to lose face fat.

Fat Transfer Face

face fat transfer

Another solution for losing face fat is face fat transfer. What do you know about this fat transfer to face? The fat transfer can restore the elasticity and fullness of your skin. The procedure of this cosmetic surgery will take your flanks’ fat tissue or abdomen’s fat tissue then utilize the fat tissue to treat marionette lines, smile lines, sunken cheeks, or under eyes hollowness.

The fat transfer is also able to enhance your lip. By taking this facial fat transfer procedure, you will have facial features with more definition and structure. Fat transfer also gives you some benefits such as:

  • Slimmer fat removal area (which can be your flanks or your abdomen).
  • Fat’s stem cells are able to trigger greater tissue quality since those cells will create the growth factors.
  • Fat transfer to face recovery time that won’t take forever.
  • Fat transfer to face how long does it last? This procedure will obviously give you long lasting results.

If you’re truly interested in taking this procedure, you must first take a deep research about fat transfer to face cost. Make sure the price is worth the result. Also, it is crucial to check the other patients’ fat transfer to face before and after. It helps you choose the best surgeon.

Face Fat Surgery

fat grafting face

As another option for how to lose face fat, face fat removal surgery has been taken by many women around the world. Some women also decide to take fat grafting procedures. However, before following those women, you need to understand the risks first as well as the recovery time needed.

Even though you can use the fat from your own body as filler for your fat grafting face, you should never forget that as the living tissue, fat is less predictable. Also known as the autologous fat, using patients’ own tissue should for fat grafting to face is supposed to have no problems. But some risks like bruising and swelling can occur. How come the procedure causes bruising?

This face fat removal procedure will distribute your fat throughout some areas through the small incision. The incision, though it is small, will affect so many blood vessels. This is going to trigger bruising. Are you ready for the side effects or the risk of this procedure?

Fat Injections in Face

fat injections in the face cost

Since fat injections to the face is a famous procedure as a solution for how to lose face fat, you better look for the cost details before taking the procedure. Actually, fat injections procedure and the other procedures have different costs depending on the geographic location where you’re going to take the procedure. Besides, the cost is also affected by the specific goals you want and the reputation of the surgeon.

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But typically, fat injections in the face cost starts from USD 2,500 to USD 7,000. If you have a specific request, you need to discuss the options and the goals you have with the plastic surgeon who is board certified and has a good reputation near your place.

Never take any procedure from surgeons who didn’t get good reviews from their patients. Those patients tell the truth and they don’t want you to get worse service. Though the price of reputed surgeons might be higher than other surgeons, those reputed surgeons won’t destroy your expectations in getting a younger and more gorgeous face.

Weight Loss Before and After Face

lose weight in face

You have learned a lot about how to lose face fat. There are many solutions for face fat problems. Which one of the solutions above is the best one for you? Don’t take a procedure just because your best friend took it. What’s good for her probably isn’t good enough for you.

Always read the experiences of the other women who have excess face fat and what procedure works best for them. Other women love to share their before and after photos of the procedure they take. If the pictures show you that whatever procedure they take really can lose weight in face, you can consider trying it.


Among various ways to lose face fat, the natural one is of course the best solution. Before seeing any surgeon to take the surgery procedure, it is much better to try the natural way of losing face fat like trying to get enough sleep, consuming healthy meals, limiting unhealthy things, and doing a lot more exercises.

If the best way to lose face fat which has been mentioned above doesn’t work, the last option is the surgery procedure. Follow the entire instructions you have read here when you’re about to take the procedure and make sure you’re ready for the possible risks and side effects.

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