How to Lose Love Handles

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Our body has fat in so many areas from the head to toes. Some parts of our body that can store fats include abdominal area and hips. Those fats create the annoying love handles. And in order to get a much better appearance, we all want to know how to lose love handles. To find the best methods that help remove love handles, we must know what love handles first and what causes them.

What’s Love Handles?

Love handles meaning

Love handles meaning the skin areas which extend outward usually from our hips. We don’t want love handles since they make us look terrible when we’re wearing tight clothes. Those love handles exist because of the excess fat in those areas. Why don’t we call them fat pockets instead of love handles? Why are they called love handles?

There is a unique reason why we call this fat pocket as love handles. Love handles commonly appear on the body of couples. It is because couples love to encourage one another to enjoy more foods. When you eat more and do less exercise, you will have that fat around the abdominal area and the hips. And your partner would love to hold or grab them for fun. That’s why we call them love handles.

What to Know About Love Handles?

love handles definition

Besides the love handles definition, another thing you need to remember is that love handles can appear not only in women but also in men, if you don’t maintain good habits like diet and exercises. Also, love handles cannot lose easily. That’s why so many people are wondering about how to lose love handles effectively. Why is it hard to remove love handles?

Love handles men and love handles women are big fat storage. When you start storing fats, you will fill the abdominal area and hips first. Then you’ll fill the other fat storage in your body. But when you do exercise and try to remove fats, your body is going to remove the fat from some less essential body parts first like your face. Then at last, your body is going to remove the fats from your love handles.

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Then after losing the fats from love handles, there comes another trouble to face: stretch marks on love handles. Before it gets complicated, make sure you prevent the fats from creating terrible love handles.

What Causes Love Handles?

What Causes Love Handles

Now it is time to learn about what causes love handles and how to get rid of them. Fat retention is the basic cause why love handles appear. But how the fat cells can accumulate in your body? It happens when you give your body calories in huge amounts. Then you don’t try to burn those calories you consume. As time flies, the fat cells become noticeable especially as they start accumulating around your hips and waist.

Though fat cells may accumulate in other parts of your body, there are some factors which increase the fat accumulation in abdominal areas, hips, and lower back. Those factors include:

  • Hormones like cortisol in high levels.
  • Age; usually fat accumulation in the belly happens as people get older.
  • Being less active and do less physical activity
  • Diet that is high in sugars, foods with high calories, and fats.
  • Untreated or undiagnosed conditions which can slow down the body’s metabolism such as hypothyroidism that makes your body feel hard to burn the extra calories.

Many women would choose to have Coolsculpting, surgery, and liposuction as the solutions for how to lose love handles. But before taking one of those procedures, there are easier ways you absolutely have to try, such as:

1. Reducing Stress

Stress hormone called cortisol will raise the levels of your blood sugar then cause insulin resistance when your body reaches a state of constant stress. This condition will make you want to get fatty and sugary foods. In order to prevent the stress from creating love handles, you need to engage in some activities that relieve your stress like yoga, taking a hot bath, or socializing with your best friends.

2. Take Healthy and Balanced Diet

You can hide your love handles by wearing loose sweaters but it is always better to remove them all instead of hiding. Focus on workouts while eating a healthier diet is the best way to get not only prettier but also healthier.

3. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

There are 7.1 calories per gram of alcohol. Consuming too much alcohol will increase the fat in your body due to the calorie content it has and its effects that enhance your appetite. Alcohol can mess with digestion. Your body becomes more difficult to absorb some essential nutrients such as B vitamins and amino acids.

4. Do Not Take Excessive Diet

Excessive diet can break your hormones. Excessive diet is really bad for body metabolism. This kind of diet will also mess with energy levels you have, sleep quality, strength and mood. Follow a realistic diet which won’t eliminate the vital nutrients of foods. Realistic diet will remove your fat, reduce your love handles, and make you healthier. This diet won’t lose your lean muscle but make you feel more energetic.

Coolsculpting Love Handles

remove love handles without surgery

When people are looking for a solution for how to lose love handles, Coolsculpting becomes one alternative. Coolsculpting is chosen as a solution to remove love handles without surgery. Why do people want to do everything to lose the love handles? Because love handles can indicate some chronic illnesses’ risk factors that include:

  • High cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Breathing issues like sleep apnea
  • Stroke
  • Cancer of breast and colon
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Liver disease

That’s why we want to do everything to prevent love handles and boost our overall health. But before taking Coolsculpting procedure, it is much better to learn about Coolsculpting love handles before and after. See what Coolsculpting patients said about this procedure. Make sure that the positive reviews beat the negative ones.

But learning about the Coolsculpting before and after love handles is not enough. You also need to learn about the safety of Coolsculpting. This procedure is not designed for everyone. People with cold agglutinin disease, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, and cryoglobulinemia should not take this procedure. Those who have medical conditions must talk to a doctor first before taking Coolsculpting.

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Instead of taking Coolsculpting that probably is not right for you, try some healthier exercises. Doing exercises that will target your hips, back, and abs will help remove love handles. Combine some cardiovascular exercises along with targeted movements and weight lifting to get optimal results. Now, since you’re trying to burn calories, make sure you don’t take in much more calories.

Liposuction Love Handles

As another alternative solution for how to lose love handles, you need to do a deep research about this procedure before taking liposuction. For example, look for details about how much liposuction of the stomach and love handles. By knowing the cost of this procedure, you can prepare enough budget.

But liposuction love handles costis not the only thing you must learn. Here are some other things you need to know before you take liposuction procedure:

1. Choosing the surgeon

Make sure you choose a plastic surgeon who is board certified and has surgical privileges. Even though love handles liposuction will be done in surgery centers, the hospital privilege is providing the other verification layer of surgical experience and skill.

2. Find experienced surgeon

liposuction love handles recovery time

When looking for the surgeon for love handles liposuction, you need to choose one who already completed hundreds of procedures every year. It is because love handles liposuction must be safe and handled by the right one. If the surgeon is experienced, the liposuction love handles recovery time should be shorter.

3. Make sure you feel comfortable

It is important to talk to each surgeon. You need to make sure that he or she can make you feel extremely comfortable. Surgeons who are interested in your goals and health condition are the best choice. Surgeon who wants to spend more time in order to explain this procedure clearly is also a good candidate. Also, never forget checking liposuction love handles before and after of their previous patients.

4. Follow the entire instructions of love handle liposuction

Follow the entire instructions of love handle liposuction

You will have to wear your compression garment, wear it as your surgeon recommends. You will also have to move around in order to encourage the circulation. However, you are not allowed to do workout until your surgeon says you can do it. Also, you should not smoke since it will impede your healing.

Surgery for Love Handles

surgery to remove love handles

Are you considering surgery to remove love handles? If this solution for how to lose love handles is what you opt for, make sure you understand everything about this procedure such as the risk or side effect and how long you will recover.

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1. Best candidate for plastic surgery for love handles

Women and men in great health and with realistic expectations are allowed to take this procedure. What realistic expectations? The surgery is able to improve the abdominal profile, however it isn’t the weight loss method. Ideal patients for this surgery are the ones who are not planning major weight gain or loss and who have good skin.

2. Love handles surgery risk

Just like the other surgeries, love handles surgery also comes with some risks that are associated with the general anesthesia and the surgery itself. The risks are actually rare but usually include excessive bleeding, blood clots, and infection. Fortunately, the risks can be minimized with expert care and surgical technique that is meticulous.

3. Choosing trusted and reputed love handles surgeons

Find surgeons who are using the surgical aesthetic sensibility, skill, and experience to perform the love handles surgeries. You can find them by checking previous patients’ love handle surgery before and after results. If they share good results with low risk, their surgeon is the right one to perform the love handles surgery you desire.

4. Research about the love handle surgery cost

Do not take a surgery procedure just because it is cheap. You need to make sure you take quality surgery and you’ll be handled by experienced hands. Something cheap usually doesn’t long last. You want your love handles surgery to last longer, don’t you? So, make sure you do a serious research about good love handles surgery, its cost, and the budget you prepared.

Hide Love Handles

Final solution is not about how to lose love handles but more about how to hide love handles. There are many things we can use to conceal our love handles from others’ sight. Let us help and guide you to find the right clothes that can hide your love handles. Let us start with the dresses first before we move on to swimsuits you can wear to conceal your love handles.

1. Dresses that Hide Belly and Love Handles

how to hide love handles

a. Loose and baggy tops

Tight outfits will accentuate our body’s best parts. But tight outfits will also bring out our body’s worst parts as well. If love handles are a big problem for you, forget about figure hugging outfits and get loose and baggy clothes. Those baggy clothes will not stretch tight over the belly so the love handles won’t be visible.

b. Asymmetric clothes

Asymmetric outfits will give you an exclusively smart look. Besides, it will also hide the tummy. Dress or top that has an asymmetric element is going to create a beautiful vertical line that gives a slimmer body illusion.

2. Swimsuits for Love Handles

love handles women

a. High waisted bathing suit bottoms for love handles

High waisted bathing suit which extends above the belly button will be the right option for those who have love handles. Bikini top is the right match since people will not focus on your belly but on your chest. Just make sure that the high waisted bath suit is not so tight. Find one that has colorful design or prints so your love handles will be perfectly concealed.


Yes, there are several procedures which are effective solutions for how to lose love handles. But not the entire procedures work for you. Fortunately, workouts and healthy diets can be done by everyone and it is a healthier option. Besides, you can also wear dresses that can hide your love handles. No need to worry about this fat pocket anymore.

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