How to Lose Pelvic Fat

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Our unique body has storage for fat for good reason. But sometimes, the presence of excess fat stored in the storage made us feel insecure. Especially if the excess fat is accumulated in the pelvic. Even though we can always wear clothes to hide pelvic fat, most of us would love to know how to lose pelvic fat so that we would have ideal body shape with less noticeable fat.

Below, we’ll see what is the pelvic fat and some things that can cause this fat. We’ll also learn about the good diet to reduce this fat and some other options available to be free from this annoying fat. Let us get started.

What Is Pelvic Fat?

fat pelvic area

However, before learning how to lose fat in the pelvic area, we must know what exactly this pelvic fat first is. So we can decide which treatment is the right one for our fat pelvic area. Pelvic fat is also known as pubic fat or fat upper pelvic area (FUPA). It happens when the excess fats accumulate in the lower abdomen. Lower abdomen itself is an area above the pubic hair and below the abdomen.

Oftentimes, a fat pelvic area will lead to the loose skin which gathers around your pubic area. This isn’t good since you will get an unsightly paunch. Even worse, this pelvic fat condition can happen not only in women but also in men. No wonder both men and women want to know about how to lose pelvic fat.

Pelvic Fat Causes

pelvic fat is

Once you understand what pelvic fat is, you also have to know what can cause pelvic fat. The cause of pelvic fat on men and on women are different. Here are some conditions that may give you pelvic fat. Each condition will require different treatment so make sure you know which condition causes your own pelvic fat.

1. Rapid weight loss and gain

Those who suddenly gain weight in large amounts will experience expanded skin below abdomen and around abdomen. It happens so that those areas will be ready to accommodate the entire excess fats. Women who suddenly lose their weight with the fat cells terminate; loose skin will appear around the pelvic area. Both cases will cause an abdominal area that looks just like a pouch.

2. Pregnancy

The muscles of rectus abdominis will expand then separate in vertical down direction when a woman is pregnant. It happens so there will be room for her baby. Besides, pregnancy hormones will enable all tissues to both relax and also expand. Then her abdominal skin will stretch to the limit in order to accommodate a baby. When the baby is born, the skin becomes an ugly hanging pouch that is so loose.

3. Genetics

It is true that genetics have a crucial role both in weight gain and in obesity. Genetic factors are contributing to obesity and to body weight. The genetic factors may act through the mechanism and will affect fat weight, muscle weight, or even both. If this is your problem, you may have to find special treatments about how to lose pelvic fat.

4. Anxiety and stress

When a woman gets anxious or stressed, her body will release cortisol, which is the stress hormone. The hormone will encourage the fat accumulation in her abdominal area. Cortisol that is released because of stress will cause abdominal fat deposition.

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No matter which condition above causes your own pelvic fat, there are always solutions for how to remove pelvic fat. The main method you need to try is changing your diet. You must also have a good workout schedule and follow the schedule. Then there is pelvic fat pad surgery as the final option.

How to Lose Pelvic Fat?

So, how to lose pelvic fat without taking a surgery procedure? One awesome way to get rid of pelvic fat is by changing your lifestyle. Yes, this means you need to start by changing your diet. Weight loss can happen if you do 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise. When you do some exercises, you must forget eating junk food. Focus on consuming food that has fewer calories.

Foods with lower calories won’t deposit in the abdomen. Besides, you must also eat foods that are able to cut down your abdomen fat, control your cortisol hormone, and increase your body’s metabolism. Here are some excellent foods to help you lose pelvic fat.

1. Foods with high levels of Vitamin C

how to get rid of pelvic fat

Vitamin C sources are able to control cortisol hormone releases. Those vitamin C sources will discourage your body from gaining and storing the abdominal fat. Vitamin C will also reduce the blood pressure. So, you won’t get any cardiovascular disease. Vitamin C will also increase your body’s iron absorption and strengthen the immune system.

Add kiwi, berries, guavas, papaya, citrus fruits, peas, tomatoes, broccoli, green leafy veggies, and yellow bell peppers to your diet. Those are the best vitamin C sources which are the first solution for how to get rid of pelvic fat.

2. Foods that contain lots of Omega 3

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Foods that have lots of omega 3 fatty acids must be in your menu. The foods will help you control cortisol. Fish oil especially, that contains lots of omega 3, is able to reduce your stress levels. Fish oil, salmon and other fishes, chia seeds, and walnuts are great sources for omega 3 fatty acids. Also, you can consult with a doctor about the best supplements of omega 3 you can take.

3. Foods that contain cinnamon

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You love cinnamon rolls? So do I. But that’s a good source of cinnamon. So many spices can help us get an ideal body shape and also a healthier body. But cinnamon is a special spice which is a unique solution for how to lose fat in the pelvic area. Cinnamon balances our insulin levels and controls our blood sugar. It is important since insulin levels that are increased will lead to the fat deposition.

So, how to lose a pelvic fat woman with cinnamon? Include this spice in the food preparation and even in tea to let it help balances your body’s insulin levels and reduce the abdominal fat possibility.

4. Greek yogurt

how to lose a pelvic fat woman

Greek yogurt and the other dairy products contain calcium which is essential for our body since it breaks down all fat cells that are accumulated in our abdomen. Greek yogurt also contains the arginine. It is able to maintain our immunity and hormone functions. Arginine is also able to release the toxins from our body through our kidney. Eat Greek yogurt with berries like strawberries and blueberries for better benefit.

5. How to lose pelvic fat by limiting refined foods consumption

You can never lose your pelvic fat if you keep consuming ready to eat meals and breakfast cereals. Those ready to eat foods contain processed sugars and flours. Sometimes they even contain alcohol and they all act as the hindrance to your fat loss progress. Avoid soft drinks, fries, processed dairy, alcohol, and cereals which contain the inflammatory elements which will block your effort in losing your pelvic fat.

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Choose foods with zero refined and sugars, fresh fruits, and green vegetables. Replace soft drinks with water and fresh juices. And balance your healthy diet with 30 minutes of exercise routine every day.

Pelvic Fat Exercises

When combined with a healthy lifestyle, your exercise will help reduce your weight and change the body. How to lose pelvic fat with exercise? Actually, you cannot target to reduce the fat from your abdomen. You can exercise to tone your muscles in those pelvic areas. The pelvic fat removal exercises are really easy. you don’t need to be at the gym to do the exercises.

1. Planks

pubic fat loss

This one is the best pubic fat loss exercise. Planks will help increase your core strength while tightening your muscles around the pubic and abdomen areas. Do the exercise by lying down in the position of push up and make sure your shoulders are aligned to the elbows. Hold the pose for ten seconds. Increase your time. Hold the abdomen tight and make sure the butt cheeks or glutes don’t move.

Relax yourself before repeating planks twice again. Start with thirty seconds first and then you can add more times if you’re strong enough.

2. Leg raises

Instead of taking pelvic fat pad removal procedure, try this straight leg raise exercise first. This exercise will reduce the pubic fat area and give you some abdominal cuts. Lay down with your head and shoulders resting on your yoga mat. Lock the knees then straighten the legs. Place your hands right under the butt then point the feet forward. Raise the legs slowly then bring your legs up to the 45 degrees angle.

Bring back your legs to their basic position. Keep repeating this exercise for fifteen minutes. You will see how this exercise works if only you do it regularly.

3. Crunches

pelvic fat pad

Another alternative for pelvic fat pad surgery procedure is the crunches. Just like the previous exercise, you need to lie down on your yoga mat. Then bend the knees with your feet to stay on your mat or floor. Place both hands behind the head then bring it towards the knees. Engage the core and make sure you keep the core tight while you’re doing the exercise. Repeat the exercises fifteen times for thirty minutes.

4. Pelvic tilt

The last solution for how to lose pelvic fat with exercise is by doing the pelvic tilt. It is also called a bridge position which engages the lower body, especially works the abdomen, calves, and glutes. This exercise is an excellent option to reduce the pubic fat area and to tighten the lower muscles of the abdomen. First of all, you must lie down on the yoga mat.

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Now bend the knees while keeping the feet stay on the floor. Raise the glutes up slowly towards your ceiling. Stay in that position for about five seconds. Then get back slowly in your basic position. Repeat this exercise for fifteen times.

Losing Pelvic Fat with Surgeries

pelvic fat pad removal

There are two surgery procedures you can opt for as the final solution for how to lose pelvic fat. The procedures are known as monsplasty and liposuction. Before taking any of these procedures, you need to talk to your doctor first and follow the instructions about which procedure suits you the most and if you should take the procedure or not.

1. Monsplasty procedure

Monsplasty procedure is pubic lift procedure. This procedure will help you get rid of the loose skin and fat deposit around the lower abdomen. Monsplasty can also be used to create a bikini area that is leaner and smaller by tightening the inner muscles. You can combine this procedure with tummy tuck procedure or undergo vaginoplasty procedure.

2. Liposuction procedure

Liposuction procedure will remove the localized fat deposits in order to give you more youthful appearance. Patients usually get anesthesia for this procedure and also a tube that will suck out the fat. This procedure can work for women and men. But people with loose skin usually won’t benefit from this procedure. Liposuction process will be effective if your goal is just to remove the fat from under your skin.

Both procedures above are the most famous options for how to lose pelvic fat. The cost is not cheap since you have to pay for the service from experienced and skilled surgeons. If there is another way to remove your pelvic fat without any surgery procedure above, you better take the chances and make the surgery procedure as your final option.


How to lose pelvic fat is one of the famous questions asked by not only women but also by men around the world. There are few effective ways to remove the pelvic fat including healthy diet, workout routines targeting the pelvic fat, and also some surgery procedures. Among the three options above, which one do you think is the best option to remove the pelvic fat?

Healthy diet combined with workout routines are definitely the key. Healthy lifestyle like that is much more recommended than taking the surgery procedures.

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