How To Get Lean With Yoga Fusion Workouts

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For the times being, you are probably looking for information about the thing that you can do to loss the weight except going to gym or joining fitness class. Then you get lost and get this information about yoga fusion. Then, you might go to search about it and find out that this kind of yoga is different with regular yoga. Some people who have already tried this yoga have able to loss their weight. They are getting healthier with proportional body weight.

You might not believe it. Then you try to figure out the reason why yoga fusion is so popular nowadays. Those who have ever loved to go to gym decide to leave and practice this kind of yoga.

It is very logical when you try to know deeper about this yoga. You don’t want to do the thing that you know exactly and you don’t understand what you will get from it. It is good to do that.

In fact, people are so amazed with the result when they have practiced this workout. It is not like regular yoga. It is combination between yoga and workout. So, there are a lot of benefits that you will get except weight-loss. It is better for you to start learn what fusion yoga is. It is a good beginning question to know deeply about it.

What is Fusion Yoga?

Now, you can forget to go to gym. You can loss your weight better at home by doing fusion yoga. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay at home and never go to the gym. You can go there somedays but it is not the only place for you to get lean, loss your weight, and get better health.

hot yoga fusion

So, what fusion yoga is? Actually, it is like regular yoga which you might have already understood. when you do yoga, you will practice some moves which make your body and mind get peaceful. Yet, the difference between fusion yoga and regular yoga is that there are the other moves which you practice when you do fitness. Therefore, some people say that this is the combination between yoga and fitness. You will do pilates, dance, strength training, and also kickboxing. Does it sound interesting to you?

Therefore, fusion yoga will not make your mind more peace, but also make your body much heathier. You will not only practice certain yoga movement to make you more relax. Besides, there are also some movements which are able to make your body much stronger since there is cardio exercise as well.

You might ask a question whether you should do it. And that question can be answered by the other question. What does health means to you? Is it the condition when you have proportional body weight and you don’t have something to worry about your body? Or do you think that health is something that you will get when you have a peaceful mind without stress or depression?

It is too narrow when you think that health is about body. It is also about mind. Even, those who have healthy body is caused by their healthy mind. Healthy body comes from healthy mind.

So, don’t you think that fusion yoga is great to you right now? In fact, this kind of yoga is not only for those who want to get lean. It is very useful for everybody who want to have healthy body. They have to know that it comes from healthy mind.

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However, you don’t have to only do yoga. Your body needs exercise as well. Body and mind should be balanced. By doing so, you will get to know what health really means.

How to Get Lean with Yoga Fusion Workouts

Most people think that yoga is a practice or exercise for mindfulness. In fact, it can also burn your calories as well. So, when you are trying so hard to get lean yet you don’t have any great result after doing some exercises, you can try fusion yoga. It is a type of yoga which is more physical when you compare with the others. Your body has to move actively to burn most calories. Nevertheless, there is also exercise to have mindfulness.

You might not believe it before you know what kind of movement or workout you have to do when you choose this yoga fusion.

Here are some movements or poses that you will do to burn your calories

1. Sun Salutation

yoga fusion workouts
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One of the poses that you have to do to get lean is sun salutation. How can you practice it?

First of all, you have to stand. Then, breath while you lift your arms overhead. The next movement is bending forward till you dive down. Your hands should touch the floor while exhaling. Walk your feet back and do plank pose. Hold on this position for about 10 seconds.

The next step is lowering your body till touching the floor. Place your hand right under your shoulders and extend your legs. Do practice cobra pose. Lower your back and push up. It is called downward facing dog. Hold on about 10 seconds. Walk your feed to the top and you are ready to stand. Take a deep breath while you can lift your arms overhead. Now, you are in the beginning position.

If you want to get the best result, you can try one of two options. First, you can do this pose frequently. You can do at least 10 or possibly 20 times. Second, you do this pose only for 5 times but you do it fast. Which one do you want to choose

2. Boat Pose

yoga fusion workouts

Actually, this is easy pose to practice. However, if you don’t have experience to do it, you might get little bit difficulty.

Like the name of this pose, you have to pose like boat. It begins with sitting up on the floor. Bend your knee and lift your feed. Make sure that the shines are parallel to the floor. Your arms should be extended in order to parallel to the floor as well. If you want to get more challenge, try to straighten the leg. Hold about 30 seconds. Try this pose up to 5 or 10 times.

3. Plank Pose

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Plank pose is also easy pose to do. Even, you can do it at home by yourself. You only need to do tabletop position. Then, step back your feet. Make sure that you lift your heels. Then, make your body straight. Hold on up to 1 or 2 minutes.

4. Yoga and Kickboxing

It has been explained before that yoga fusion can be combined with kickboxing. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to do kickboxing with somebody else. You only need to practice certain pose that it looks like kickboxing.

You have to begin with step your left foot upfront and step back your right foot. Then, move your hands like you are doing kickboxing. Make sure that you little bit lower your body in order that your feet hold the weight of your body.

Those are some exercises or workouts that you can do at home. It is only small part of yoga fusion workout. If you are interested in this yoga, you can join fusion yoga class. You only need to practice what the instructor order. There is online fusion yoga class that you can join. Find out yoga fusion schedule.

yoga fusion class description

Yoga Fusion Workouts

If you want to practice much more yoga fusion workouts, it is better for you to know some combinations between yoga and the other physical activities. What are they?

1. Yoga and Pilates

Actually, it is not quite effective to do when you want to get lean soon. Yoga and Pilates are actually combination to get much more balance and flexibility. This yoga fusion will make your torso much stronger.

2. Yoga and Strength Training

If you want to get lean and also strengthen your bone, try this one. It is fusion yoga which combines between yoga and strength training exercises to build your muscle. And at the same time, your calories are burnt so you will get lean.

3. Yoga and High Impact Exercise

For this one, you are combining between yoga and high impact exercises such as fitness and running. It could be one of the hardest yoga fusions that you can try. Make sure that you do warming up before practice it. It is strongly recommended in order that you can avoid some injuries.

4. Hot Yoga Fusion

Do you really want to burn your calories and get lean soon? This is the right choice. By doing hot yoga fusion, you can lose your weight faster. You will practice various styles or poses like vinyasa, sun salutation, or even hot 16-posture Bikram style.

Benefits Fusion Yoga

Yoga Fusion Before and After

The best advantage of yoga fusion is that all significant muscle groups could be targeted at blending two techniques at the same time.  Additionally, it may offer you a brand new challenge for somebody who’s just utilized to practicing yoga. Yoga fusion workouts nevertheless supply the psychological and spiritual advantages of yoga while additionally analyzing the endurance and strength of their body as a whole. 

Unlike conventional yoga, yoga fusion workouts are always changing due to the huge number of exercises which may be made by combining two kinds of fitness. Yoga fusion may also be readily adapted for novices and individuals with specific needs.

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The Benefits of Yoga Fusion Workouts Include:

1. Better balance

2. Deeper relaxation

3. Improved flexibility

4. Improved focus

5. Reduced stress

6. Stronger arms, legs and glutes

7. Stronger connection with your body

8. Toned core muscles

The American Council on Exercise says that yoga fusion can provide an “all-around exercise encounter” by blending strength, endurance and flexibility.

Spots Fusion Yoga Targets

1. Core

Yes. Many yoga poses to engage your core that will assist you to hold the identical position. When paired with Pilates, which can be a core-focused regular, it provides more benefits to your waist.

2. Arms

Yes. Some kinds of yoga, like electricity and ashtanga, have tougher poses like forearm stands, but integrating hatha yoga into many workouts will nonetheless offer poses that utilize your arms.

3. Legs

Yes. You use your leg muscles in several yoga poses.

4. Glutes

Yes. Some mix classes, such as yoga and kickboxing, include exercises that tone your glutes. Others who have dancing or Pilates utilize your glutes to perform the motions.

5. Back.

Yes. You use your back muscles in several yoga and workout routines.  Yoga may also assist with your back alignment.

Yoga Fusion Workout Video


Basically, Yoga Fusion is a meeting of traditional yoga poses with various other sports formats, such as pilates or TRX. The combination of these two different techniques is meant to unify mind and physical exercise with the aim of not only increases flexibility but also muscle strength and stamina.

Yoga fusion will achieve maximum results if done every week. For those who routinely do yoga fusion, it is believed that they can launch the process of pregnancy and childbirth, which will be experienced at a later date.

So, which one do you want practice at first? You’d better to make decision based on what you expect to get from this yoga fusion.

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